The Open Models Valuation Company

About Us

OMV was established in 2009 in response to the 2007/08 financial crisis, which exposed several systemic weaknesses in relation to the valuation of illiquid financial assets. In the aftermath of the crisis, there was recognition that quantitative valuation methods were generally too bespoke and unnecessarily opaque. In response, OMV has created a unique valuation business model that aggregates the valuation expertise of world-class, experienced and fully vetted independent modeling firms (our Modeling Members) on a scalable platform. 

Our goal is to be the leading provider of benchmark valuations of fixed income and insurance-linked securities and loans based on OMV’s unique approach of attracting, vetting and integrating diverse modeling capabilities to value the large and diversified portfolios that are financed, traded and risk-assessed by large banks, insurance companies and institutional investors.


On the insurance side, OMV is able to cover a wide range of underlying insurance risks and insurance-linked credit risk related to life insurance and life company investment portfolios (e.g., term life, universal life and fixed annuity) in relation to capital, reserve and risk financing transactions.  

Of special interest is our ability to value level 2 and level 3 loans and securities. In addition, we also provide "Challenger Models" that help our clients calibrate and improve their internal capabilities.

OMV is a privately-owned, independent company. It is free of conflicts of interests, being solely involved in valuation and risk measurement services. In particular, it is not, nor is it affiliated with, a data vendor, a broker or trading platform.