The Open Models Valuation Company

Modeling Members

OMV's platform providers consist of a growing number of experienced and carefully vetted modeling firms, our Modeling Members. Modeling Members have been selected based on their proven product (e.g. securities and loans) and market (e.g. unsecured and mortgage/ equipment-backed) expertise across a range of target geographies. Our Modeling Members include the following professional valuation firms:

J.C. Rathbone Associates Ltd (JCRA) is OMV's derivative valuation specialist. They were founded in 1989 and are an independent financial risk advisory firm with offices in the UK and the USA. They provide clients with execution and valuation services covering up to GBP 25 billion of transactions each year catering to a global and multi­ currency client base. Valuations typically cover all types of interest rate, inflation rate, commodity and foreign exchange derivative products, whether vanilla or exotic. JCRA employ cutting edge pricing software and market information systems together with a highly experienced team of market professionals. OMV's clients can be assured of a highly efficient and professional valuation service to match their exact objectives.

Milliman, Inc.  is one of the world’s leading independent consulting firms for the past 60 years.  Its securities valuation service had its foundations in the U.S. RMBS market, but has subsequently expanded to cover a wide range of credit-related financial products, both in North America and around the world. OMV’s clients use Milliman's valuations across the asset backed security spectrum, as well as many types of commercial loans.  As Milliman has no affiliated banks, brokers or dealers and never buys or sells securities for its own account, their analysis represents an independent evaluation of the underlying cash flows that is free of those conflicts of interest inherent to many other industry participants.

Prytania Solutions employs both deterministic and stochastic analyses of a wide variety of credit linked assets.  Their software rapidly models thousands of scenarios, and presents each scenario on a scatter plot of outcomes. The intent is to deliver in-depth analysis down to loan level data.  OMV’s clients can access Prytania to obtain sophisticated valuations of their commercial loan portfolios.

Radley & Associates is OMV’s specialist valuer of Commercial Real Estate linked assets.  For the past twelve years they have stochastically analysed commercial property loans, starting with development and investment through to securitization.  The core of their analysis is built upon their ProMS analytic software which covers every aspect of the commercial real estate market, and which integrates it with economic scenarios. OMV’s clients work with Radley & Associates to create the most sophisticated valuations of commercial real estate asset risks.